Jumat, 30 Januari 2009

HorTaToRy ExPoSiTiOn TeXt

The parking areas of SMA N 1 Demak

SMAN 1 DEMAK is the most favorite school in the our town. Because SMAN 1 DEMAK has complete fasilities.

One of fasilities in SMAN 1 Demak is parking areas. SMAN 1 Demak has four parking areas. what is one for the teachers and which is three for the students. The position to teachers's parking area side south and near library and SPKG room.

And parking areas for the students. At the first, it in northside. Its place reside in behind class X and the physics laboratory.

Secondly, parking area reside in the back. Its place in westsid behind class XI IPS and in front of XI IPA.

And last parking area in the near by class XII IPA which before be place for the canteens.

Parking areas in SMAN 1 Demak is always fulfill, because a lot of students bringing motorcycles. besides, it is also safe, so that the students fee l secure leaving their motorcycles there.

so, we're as students of SMAN 1 DEMAK should to take care of parking area in order to be always clean and good places for us.

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YULIA MUFARICHAH mengatakan...

do you go to school by motorcycle? If you don't, it's good. But if you do, whallah........... nambah sesek parking area nho..............